Friday, July 23, 2010

Way Behind on This Blog!

Okay, so life has been busy! I have not blogged at all since October and it is now July! My bad! We moved into a new house and that is what I will really blame this on! My goal is to do better from here on out. So this is my "catch up" posting! :) In January we moved into our new home. We love it here!! The house is perfect for us, the neighbors are great and we even have a new pool!!! The switch to a new school was a bit trying (more for me than the girls), but they had great teachers and really love it all now. Brooklynn's Kindergarten teacher ended up being Mrs. Brown who is a long time friend of the family! And Brynn's teacher Mrs. Morris is a friend of mine. So they were in great hands!

Ava took swim lessons so she could get ready for our new pool and did great with Miss Mary!!! Brynn and Brooklynn were enrolled in Let's Play Music with Aunt Jeannie. They did very well and will continue the program in the Fall. And finally, Brynn had a birthday and turned 7!!!! I can't believe my baby is now seven!! My how time flies!! We had a party here at the house and had 18 kids here to swim. Brynn picked a cake with a horse theme. I guess now we need to get them riding lessons! The party was a success although next year we might do something a little more on the simple side! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Career Day!

In Kindergarten they spend a couple of weeks looking at different careers. The teachers ask for parents to volunteer to do this of course. After much persuasion, I convinced Scott to do this for Brooklynn's class. When Scott commits to something, he goes all out!! So, he brought three pieces of equipment for the kids to see and climb on plus had little bulldozer die cast for each kid to take home. He gave a great presentation and the kids loved it!! Brooklynn was so proud of her daddy!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

School.... ready or not here we come!!!!

Brooklynn's birthday is September 12. The cut off for Kindergarten entrance is August 31. So the child misses it by less than 2 weeks. I have stressed and pondered on sending her this year to school for about a year. My poor friends and family have had to listen to me stress and ponder this decision for the past year!! I have come up with both the pros and cons, made list and have even lost some sleep about it!!! I guess I feel as a mom, I am the voice for my children and I want to make the best decision possible for my kids! Anyway, we finally decided to let her take the kindergarten test and let the teachers decide if she was ready.

She passed!!!

So this year not only do I have a 1st grader, but a kindergartner too!!! Brynn was VERY excited for her sister! They both are looking forward to sitting together on the bus, and playing together on the playground. I have great comfort that they will be together. Their classrooms are even across the hall from each other!!!

They met their teachers last week. Brynn has Mrs. Webster and Brooklynn has Mrs. Dosil. Both are WONDERFUL teachers!! Very loving and kind. I know my kids will be in terrific hands! My girls are both Greenfield Gators!!!!! Tomorrow is the first day of school! We are all excited!! I will post pictures of their smiling faces as they get on the school bus with backpacks on, lunch box in hand and most importantly, together!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Family Fun, Cali Style!!

We had a great time on our summer vacation!! We stayed in Carlsbad, California. We went to the beach, LegoLand, SeaWorld, we swam, ate, and played hard!!! Ava didn't have a nap for pretty much an entire week!! But we all had a great time! Plus we were able to share our adventure with not only Grandma and Grandpa Huso but also Erik and Bridget's family! We celebrated my baby's 6th birthday on June 6th and mine was on the 7th! It was a great week and a great kick off to our summer!! Now if I can just get caught up on the laundry!!!!

A Tender Mercy!!!!

I know this picture doesn't look like much, but I have to tell you our crazy story that happened on our way to Carlsbad, CA for our family vacation!!!! Our gas gauge is not working on our Denali. We haven't taken it in to get fixed yet. I had the "pleasure" of discovering it doesn't work properly about 2 months ago with a car full of kids and no husband. Fortunately we were spared in that situation by being next to a gas station when we ran out....anyway..... back to this story. A couple of times in our travel, I would mention the thought of needing gas. Scott's reply was always, ya we probably should stop, but he didn't. Finally his response was "ya we probably should, I will at the next stop." 30 miles later, still no place to stop!! Up and down we went in the hills when finally, the car dies!!! No power steering, nothing....... then, we see a sign as we start to drift down hill, "Gas one mile"!! Oh my can we do it??? Down, down, down the hill we go!! We see the gas station at the end of the hill, but can we make it? Then we realize that there is a stop light also and the end of the hill, and it is red. But if we stop, we won't make it to the gas station. We get closer to see there are no on coming cars, roll through the stop sign and right into the gas station in front of a gas pump!!!!! Yeah! We did it!!!! What a great start to our family vacation and a tender mercy blessed by the Big Guy!!!! Thank you!!! The picture was suppose to be of the gas station that we filled up at, but my camera was too slow as we passed it on our way home!!!! (or does that mean that my husband drives too fast!! :))

Memorial Weekend Family Fun!

We spent Memorial Weekend up at the Ranch and had a great time!!! The weather was a bit rainy, but it was a great excuse to get the rubber boots out and splash around! The kids had a great time with their cousins!!! The rode horses, quads and even made boats out of aluminum foil and floated them in the puddles!! A weekend to remember!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's 40th Day!!

This past Sunday was a great day! We had two celebrations going on in our house. It was not only Mother's Day, but it was also my sweetie's 40th birthday!!! The real question was whom was to make breakfast for whom on that morning??? My Hubbie made it for me! And the real gift was that he didn't make the typical mess that usually takes place when he get his fingers working in the kitchen! yeah! The best part of my day was that after we got home from church, EVERYONE in the family took a nice nap!! Even the dogs joined in! (shocker, especially for Annabelle!) To celebrate Scott's big midlife birthday, the last weekend in April, we went on a quick 24 hour turn around trip to Disneyland!!! We jumped on a plane with all of Scott's sibling and spouses, thank you Uncle Ben and Aunt Sonja!! Left our house at 5am for Sky Harbor on a Saturday morning. Arrived at the happiest place on earth about 10:30am and headed back for home at 6am the following morning! We were beat!!But still smiling from ear to ear, mouse ears that is!! But with no kiddos we covered some serious pavement at the House of Mouse!!!! We had a great time!! Happy Birthday Scotty!!! Happy Mommy Day, me!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Scott Working on the New Temple!

We are always very grateful in this hard economy for Scott to have work. Especially a job that will for sure pay. We were very thrilled that Scott had the opportunity to work on the new LDS Temple that is being built on the west side. This is a big job! And he was excited to do it!! The site looks huge! The building won't be a big as the Mesa Temple but it looks pretty big to me! These are some pictures of him digging the baptismal font. How blessed we are and proud of Scott for his hard work and efforts! Now we will be excited for them to start on the Gilbert Temple!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby's first Popsicle

I just had to share a baby's first moment with you all! Ava had her first Popsicle and really loves them! (who doesn't!) Isn't it funny how we all love sugar! In any form! Cold, hot, with other food, alone.... sugar is so yummy! And in what better form than frozen and on a stick!!! I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of these this summer!!!

Gone Fishing!

For the last part of our Spring Break we went up to the ranch. We had such a good time!! Grandma and Grandpa Huso joined us and that made it extra special. The girls had a blast! They were able to ride their quads, hike for candy on "Candy Mountain" and of course go fishing! Scott bought all sorts of bait including worms (Which were a GREAT source of entertainment later for the girls. Please refer to the picture above with the girls loving on them!!) but what these fish really LOVED was corn! They really bit on the corn!! Brynn and Brooke each got 2 fish, and that was perfect for our dinner that night!! Thanks Uncle Dennis for stocking the pond for us!! Ava took a little bit to get use to the pack and play as her "new" bed. So needless to say, the first night there was sleepless for all, but I think even she enjoyed our little vacation!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Family Day at the Zoo

Friday we took the kids to the Wildlife Zoo. We had never been there before, and decided it was a new adventure for all of us! The weather was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. The best part of this zoo was the giraffes. Not only could you see them , but you could feed them! My what long tongues they have!!!! What a cool thing to see! It was also neat that one of the babies had the same birthday as Brynn! So of course Mom had to take a picture of Brynn in front of the sign that posted this!!

Three Girls and a Wagon

Who knew that a simple wagon could bring 3 little girls such joy! I love it when they all play together nicely!! A cat fight generally emerges at some point in the day, but for now, we will enjoy the moment!

Finally Learning to Walk!

Ava is 15 months old and I think she has finally decided to learn to walk! She has realize that to be a pack rat and carry a bunch of "stuff" in her hands is much easier from an upright position than crawling on all fours!! Go Ava Go!!!!

Brooke's 1st boyfriend

I know my little girl is beautiful, but to have her 1st boyfriend in preschool, at age 4...come on! Trey loves Brooke! The teachers get such a kick out of how he wants to sit by her, makes her cards and wants to be next to her all the time! I asked Scott if he was sure he wants to put her into kindergarten next year if this is already starting!! Oh young love!!